Comparing iDictate and Quicktate

File Size Limitations

Less than 5 minute audios

Audios 5 minutes or longer

File Types

Ideal for To-Do Lists

Ideal for legal notes and letters

Ideal for general transcription

Ideal for medical transcription

Ideal for letters and memos

Ideal for authors-writers-novelists

Ideal for voice mail transcription

Ideal for conference calls- transcribing meetings & interviews

Ideal for wealth management- transcribing client profiles & client interviews

Ideal for executive search- transcribing candidate profiles

Ideal for law enforcement - transcribing depositions, interviews, and interrogations

Ideal for insurance- transcribing claims, settlement negotiations, and itemization of losses

Ideal for filling out forms using our API

Charges and Billing    

No Weekly or Monthly Fees

Subscription plans available

Pay-as-you-go plans available

$5.00 promotional credit offered at signup

Monitor charges from website

Automatic credit card billing

More economical than in-house staff

Consolidated billing for multiple users

Hours and Delivery Times    

Rush Service available

Super-Rush service available

Typists available 365 days a year


HIPAA compliant

Integrates with Evernote

API integration available

Call review & call auditing available

Allows large files to be split

Submitting Files    

Use personalized forms, templates or letterhead

User Can dictate by phone

User can email files < 25mb

Utilize most recording devices

Use iDictate iOS app

Use Quicktate iOS app

Use iDictate Android app

Use Quicktate Android app

Record using most iOS apps

Record using most Android apps

User may submit handwritten notes by fax

User may submit YouTube video links

User can provide instructions to typists

User can make formatting requests

Have your Google Voice transcripts re-typed by a human

User may email SoundCloud audio links

User may email public Dropbox audio links

User may email Google Voice audio links

User may email Google audio links

User may forward Google Voice messages for more-accurate transcriptions

File Delivery    

View pending and completed files on website

Completed files delivered in MS Word

Completed files delivered in body of email

Completed files can be saved as PDF

Completed files can be typed in Excel

Fast turnaround times

Management access to multiple accounts via single login

Completed files delivered by email

View your transcripts in Evernote (optional)

Save / search voicemail messages in Evernote (optional)

English and Spanish transcription