Alternative iDictate Dial-in Number

iDictate has an alternative dial in number which you may use if you wish. This new system allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward, etc. Contact us to add your account to the 855 DICTATE platform.

In order to use the features below, you must dial:

Note that this is a different number from what you normally dial. (855) DICTATE is a toll-free call. (You may still also use our other numbers to dictate).

Here are the prompts available to you when calling (855) DICTATE. Please review them all carefully, as they are different from the phone prompts when calling our other numbers:

  • 1 Stop / Pause (you must press 2 to continue recording after pausing)
  • 2 Record. Hang up to Submit
  • 3 Rewind, in increments of 3 seconds; Play
  • 4 FF (Fast Forward) to end
  • 5 Save Menu
    • Select 1 to submit and exit
    • Select 2 to Save and continue
    • Select 3 to Save and finish later
  • 6 Rush file (enter 6 at end of dictation, before hanging up. You will hear "Priority Set")
    • Select 1 for Super Rush
    • Select 2 for Rush
    • Select 3 for Regular
    • Select 4 for Regular
    • Hang up to Submit
  • 7 Rewind to Beginning
  • 8 (not in use)
  • 9 Play (listen)
  • 0 Help
  • # Get Job ID (be sure to press 2 if you wish to continue dictating)